SakuraWilliamsSMSakura Williams (aka,Thompson) was born in Everett, WA; raised in Nishinomiya City, Kobe and Tokyo, Japan where Japanese was her first language.  Sakura quickly at the young age of 3yrs. began classical ballet and at 5 yrs. continued en pointe for some years achieving her goal to win a talent and beauty contest.  In 1978 she set out to permanently establish her home in Honolulu.  Sakura is a former Talent Agent, C.E.O. and Partner of Swenson Williams Agency, a SAG-AFTRA agency in L.A.  She represented several award winning celebrities and talent of all ages who landed  roles in major prime-time network and cable shows, pilots, films and national commercials.  Sakura is also the owner of a production company, Sakura Global Entertainment, as a Film – TV Development Consultant.  While expanding her interests and goals, she has now joined Kepler Entertainment to continue representing talent successfully, and to continue the development of Film-TV ventures.  Her love for storytelling and film inspired her to become a member of the Women In Film organizations in Los Angeles and Hawaii a few years ago.  She also consults with her husband, Myron K. Thompson and his innovative team who are interested in improving the environment with energy saving products and services. Sakura’s history of 35 years includes retail, publishing, marketing, advertising and public relations.  As a management consultant she assisted in the development of personnel training programs, and the organization and establishment of businesses large and small, as a strategist and troubleshooter to increase productivity, find and resolve problems.

Sakura has two amazing children; one is a full time student and Musician and another, an actress and artist.  They were born and raised in Niu Valley, Oahu, where they lived in their “ohana” (of “family”)  beach-home, affectionately named “Camp Thompson” where it became a popular playground and beach camp for all kids nearby and from afar.  Sakura and Myron are also proud grandparents of 2 boys and twin girls living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Her devotion for volunteerism throughout life broadened after she became a member of an “open faith” group and The Interfaith Alliance to take part in grassroots programs where she actively introduced, promoted and educated others on religious tolerance.  She was then invited to join a delegation of leaders to take part as a speaker; to assist with the development for a Honolulu inter-city chapter and a world peace conference event for the Council and Parliament of World Religions.

She became an integral goal-setter to assist in the establishment of a tutoring center to support parents and home-school students by creating a safe and unique learning environment.  She was then invited to take part in a drug prevention education campaign. She worked closely with Kelly Preston in launching the program, which educated students on the dangers of drug use and addiction.  She is currently involved in a major project that will assist in providing Hawaii with a non-denominational spiritual center that will uplift the community and make it a better and more productive community to live in. As a recognized humanitarian, her service over the last 29 years has touched many locally and internationally in contributing to a more productive, peaceful and socially responsible world.

Sakura Williams
Talent Manager /Film-TV-New Media
Development Consultant
(818) 532-7436