JoAnnJoAnn Kepler (nee Zilz, Klass/Klass-Gerstein) enjoys 35+yrs in the entertainment business and an excellent reputation working with high profile musicians and recording acts from independent to large world-renown record labels. As a young teen, her theatrical career began studying with the legendary Frances Lederer and Dorothy Barrett at the American National Theatre of The Arts (ANTA), where she took workshops at what is now known as “Millennium Dance Complex” as seen on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and other television shows. Commonly seen were The Osmonds, The Jackson Five, and the younger cast of The Brady Bunch.  Taking her dream to a professional level at age fifteen, JoAnn had several agents sign her on-the-spot, each highly sought after – Nina Blanchard, Beverly Hecht and Don Schwartz Talent Agencies. Don Schwartz sent her on her very 1st audition, which she booked! Rarely seen on a first audition, this astounded the Agency.  JoAnn continued booking principal roles in national television commercial spots.  JoAnn immediately joined the prestigious Screen Actors Guild (“SAG-AFTRA”) union in 1975 and has been a member, since.

Graduating University Cum Laude, Kepler’s first career post grad was in fashion buying and merchandising; eventually honing in on her entrepreneurial skills and creative side with her own fashion jewelry line and formed a company which was featured in articles and in many stores and catalogues.  During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Kepler decided to focus on motherhood. She started her own business and was in catalogs, nationwide. Deciding she wanted to return to the entertainment world, she was immediately hired as liaison to the famous endorsers of one of the world’s leading instrument lines owned by the ZILDJIAN family, SABIAN cymbals.  Thus, began a whole new career in music and back to the world, for JoAnn was truly destined for – artist management.  Moving further into the arena of world-class musicians, JoAnn  was soon working as a Record Promoter with record labels both “indie” and enormous.  Record labels such as Atlantic Records, Blue Note, Sony, Capital, Verve, and many more. While working as National Radio Promotions Director, JoAnn met Allen – truly the worlds expert in Smooth Jazz and a highly respected Radio Executive, known worldwide.  Working in research and as a Radio Programming Consultant, Allen was the consultant that she hoped would recommend the musicians she was promoting to radio stations around the globe.  Years later at a music convention in Minneapolis “The Conclave,” she finally convinced Allen to allow her to buy him a drink to talk about music. They settled on frozen yogurt.

JoAnn also worked for the famous Jazz flutist, Herbie Mann, as one of the few in Kokopelli Record’s Radio Promotions Department.  Later, as National Artist and Promotions Manager and A&R (Artists and Repertoire) for Higher Octave Music, a label later bought by VIRGIN Records, she connected complicated details for artists’ managers, concert tour bookings and worked with the artists on their career paths. JoAnn was there from song sequencing  to radio airplay selection, along with choosing where the songs should be cut for radio edits, as well as assisting in producing CDs from inception to final product. JoAnn and Allen have combined talents, connections and knowledge enabling entertainers to grow their reach and help talented actors and musicians further expand their careers.

JoAnn Kepler
Managing Partner